These 10 easy and fool-proof steps will make you thousands of Dollars

You want to make a living online and have been trying for some time already, but all you could do is make some minor bucks while your investments are staggering ?

Well, you’re going to be very pissed with me in a second when I’m telling you the obvious : You don’t generate enough leads!

You want to live the 4-hour workweek lifestyle though ? Read carefully – i’m going to tell you exactly how it works and I will give you a FREE E-Book about it



Let’s assume you’re an affiliate marketer and your lead generation looks like this

  1. You have a Tier 1 page (your actual Affiliate Site)
  2. You have a Tier 2 page (when you do, you’re already a progressive marketer !) which is a highly converting page (40-60%, don’t believe 80% conversion claims !) that sends users to your Tier 1 page via a link. This is the usual setup
  3. You are generating traffic to your Tier 2 page by Google, Bing, Facebook Ads, Backlinks, you name it. Your cost will be around 0,8$ – 1,5$ per click to your Tier 2 page


Now, do the maths! – The Amazon Example –

We stick with the Amazon example, because it is the most frequently used entry into the affiliate business.

With a lead generation like this, knowing a usual conversion rate on a Tier 1 page is around 30%, and the actual conversion of clicks on your affiliate link to a purchase is around 10% and you get a 5% commission in average for items averagely priced at 80$, the maths look like this

  • You get 1.000 clicks on your Tier 2 page per month, the result is 400 – 600 clicks to your Tier 1 page
  • Your Tier 1 page converts at around 30%, the result is 120-180 clicks to your Affiliate Offer
  • Your Affiliate offer converts at 10%, which means 12-18 purchases at Amazon
  • The overall result is 48-72$ per month


But what about the cost ?

The true fact of the matter is : too many newbie Affiate Marketers go with Google, Bing and Facebook Ads that cost around 0,8-1,5$ per click. 1.000 clicks on your Tier 2 page will cost you around 800-1.500$ per month.

That’s a staggering bottom line result of…. oh my god, you’re losing money! And we didn’t even come to the cost of hosting yet.


But, what if i leave out the Tier 2 page ?

Actually what a Tier 2 page does for you is get people hooked to an offer. They want to know the details – they are committed to follow up after coming to your Tier 2 page

If you leave out this important step of the sales process your Tier 1 page will never cover this up – and nevermind, 1 click at 0,8-1,5$ is always going to ruin you.

The end result is : Your lead generation is costing you money – and driving you to negative results ! And even worse, most likely the people who bought from you will never come back to buy again! 

This is because effectively you are buying one time purchases – and buying turnover is never a good strategy 

Bildergebnis für bankrupt

So what can you do ?

You need a lead generation strategy that can be leveraged. It is as simple as that and that’s why I put it out there first.

Imagine clicks bought through pay-per-click Ads as a linear function. You spend money, you get more leads.

Now, imagine a proper lead generation strategy as an exponential function. You spend money to get your first set of leads, then you generate sales with those people – and again – and again – and again.

But how?


Let me put out a simple to-do list here

  1. Go to a page like where you can buy solo e-mail ads that cost around 0,3$ per click for starters. You’re already doing 0,5 – 1,2$ better per click than with Google Ads. (click here to get a 5$ discount on instantly!)

    1. Plus, udimi let’s you choose your target leads as specifically as Google, so don’t fear the untargeted leads problem
  2. You generate your first 400 leads (=click), which will cost you 120$
  3. You send super targeted and strong opt-in e-mails to those leads
  4. Your opt-in rate will still be probably around 5%, that’s what can be expected from E-Mail Marketing.
  5. That one e-mail just made you 80$

  6. Repeat. Your balance is now +40$
  7. Repeat again. Your balance is now +120$ and you can buy the next ad campaign for another 400 leads
  8. Repeat again. Your balance is now +160$ and you can buy another 400 leads campagin
  9. Repeat. Your balance is now +360$ – you can buy 3×400 lead campaign
  10. Repeat. Your balance is now +480$

Check here how to generate leads for pennies !

“How many e-mails would you send ?”




How much money you will make is now truly only depending on how good your ad text is.

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