Why a Montblanc pen makes you a better Manager

What’s in it for me ?

Did you ever consider that the environment you’re working in and the tools you’re working with do actually have an effect on your work ethics ? And what is work ethics after all ? Find out in this post why buying a Montblanc pen might actually have significant effect on your efficiency.


Work ethics and perceived professionalism

Did you ever notice that your lazy birthday-suit Sundays are not exactly your most productive days ? And I’m sure you’ve felt the buzz a nice suit creates. All of a sudden you feel professional, you feel like a guy that is achieving and that is superior to his colleagues. Consider the saying “dress for the job you want, not the job that you have” and I can tell you that it is actually true. If you’re up and awake, get a good shave (or a nice hairdo if you’re a girl 🙂 ), get dressed up and wear some fancy shoes, you’ll be up to a very productive day indeed.


It is not only about your self-perception, it is also about how others see you. You can go to that meeting with a casual look that suggests you’re not really interested, or you can go there in that nice suite, looking like the boss of the whole damn company and run the show. Others will perceive you like this. There’s research too, that backs this up. So get up, dress up and deliver ! 


What about the tools you’re using ?

How do you take your notes ? Probably you use a cheap adverted pen on a corporate identity notebook, jotting down your ideas and at the end of the day throwing them into the bin. Just notes, right ?

Not quite.

Same as with your nice suit, your tools matter and contribute significantly to your work ethics. Switch up to a fancy pen, even start going with a fountain pen. It has a tremendous effect, I can assure you.

All of a sudden you feel an importance to your words, like once they are written on paper, they have a deeper meaning, a purpose. Just like you do! And you will feel responsible to fulfil what you have been noting down. It is a self fulfilling promise. It can start with a nice Cross Ballpoint at 20$, it can go to a Montblanc fountain pen collector’s edition at 2,000$, but do switch up, it really matters. In case you wonder, I myself go to office every single day with a Montblanc Starwalker Midnight Black Ballpoint Pen, a Montblanc 149 Fountain Pen all nicely tucked into my Montblanc sleeve. Yes, it cost me dear, but my work ethics got me three raises in three years adding to 30,000$


Notebooks matter !

Hey, now you got your nice suit, your premium pens and you still want to jot down into a cheap notebook ? No way ! You want to get some premium paper that is nice to touch and write, so you enjoy writing down your ideas in a clear way.

Personally, I prefer a Rhodia Dotpad and Leuchtturm 1917 Notebooks. Ever since I got them, I write more and by writing more i memorise more, which in turn makes better informed decisions.

They have this nice thick paper feeling to them, they hold ink well, and they are something you are just proud to show off in a meeting. And guess what, you end up taking more notes, getting more info into your thinking process and end up making better decisions! 


Now you’re all set to boost your work ethics go out there and start achieving !