and start being an achiever


The 10X Rule: the only difference between success and failure

Grant Cardone giving you a massive nut to crack in this in your face book that will teach you why it is worst to settle for average.

Deep Work

Cal Newport setting your record straight for the modern day work life.


10-Minute Mindfulness

S.J. Scott delivering actionable advice to strengthen your awareness


Getting Things Done

David Allen – the master himself on clearing your plate and ticking off those to-do’s


Quotes that take you a long way

What we fear doing most

is usually what we most need to do

Tim Ferriss

Tim Ferriss - testimonials

Your mind is for having ideas

Not holding them

David Allen

David allen

Go the extra mile

there's no one on it

Grant Cardone

grant plane

The average call me obsessed

The successful call me for advice

Grant Cardone